if 2017 was you at your worst, [do more than] imagine yourself at your best.

The general consensus among many of my creative friends is that 2017 simply wasn't our best year. We didn't accomplish as much of what we wanted to. It's okay to be upset about that, but it's also important to move on to the part of the story where we stop beating ourselves up about what we *didn't* do, and instead focus on what we can do to make the best of 2018.
That's what growth looks like, right? This adulthood thing didn't come with a manual.

In 2017, I:

-gave a TEDx talk about diverse representation in media.
-hosted my first ever #MaacahEats Food with Friends event: the first in a series of dinners and brunches designed to let my chef friends play.
-booked my first keynote speech.
-celebrated 3 years of running Belladonna Magazine, and did some major behind-the-scenes recalibrating. expanded our stockists.
-was profiled in this bomb article by The Foreword South, an amazing storytelling project that you should definitely support by following them on social media and donating to their efforts.
-created an effective self-management and procrastination-fighting system for myself that actually works for me (and made a PDF guide for it like the nerd that I am)
-got to meet some amazing people in NY during fashion week.
-stood up for myself, several times over. even when I was terrified and anxious, I said what I needed to say more often than not, without apology.
-got to speak to students at different events all over the city about my adventures as a wannabe media mogul who walks through the world with these dreams and this mind, in this skin and with this hair.
-reached out to women I admire, and resolved to make friends with the type of women who other people find intimidating. honestly one of the best things I could have done for myself.
-demanded brutal honesty with myself, which meant: actively working to cut my self-deprecating tendencies. a friend told me I sounded like I was in an abusive relationship with myself. not okay. "be nicer to myself" is at the top of my list.
-got to be a part of the Birmingham Museum of Art's Year End Giving Campaign.

It's okay if 2017 wasn't your "best year ever." Celebrate yourself for having made it to a New Year, for having pushed through to another blank slate. Please remember to be kind to yourself.

Instagram: @themanicpixieblackgirl. (c) copyright Maacah Davis 2017